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We´ve come to judge you sinner!
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Judge Death
Heeeellooo ssssinnerssss and weeeelcomeeee to my pageeee!

I hope you are ready for your verdict and punishment for your sinssss and crime of life.
Dont fear, I will cure you from the sin and sickness of your life and soul. No more feelings like sadness or love or other silly feelings, no more lawbreaking, perfect death!
All living beings have worms in their heads, I will cure you from them, its because I want to help you all.

My mission wont end until all living is sentenced and cured from life, dont resist dear mortalsssss!
As well as making the Dark judges well known and do my project to bring them back to life and one day see them in a movie and magazines, we pre-dates the cenobites, we are the ultimate force.
As well as making art and stories and projects, plus model making, create stuff and make dreams come true is my music, as well as a Dark judge fan.

I dont have a heart since a long time ago and I dont miss it, can be devilishly good anyway and I´m sure you girls and boys have broken someones heart or am I wrong? I´m here to free you from your broken hearts, just let me rip it right out from your chest as I smile from joy!

Love, what is that?! It´s just a sick and warped illusion that weak minded people believes in!

You will learn that you cant trust anyone else than yourself in life, else you will find yourself disappointed.
One you can trust is death!

Living the ultimate dark life.

I will be your judge, soon your life and soul will be judged and cured.
The true grim reaper of humanity, your turn to die!

Contact wayssssss on your own rissssk:

Amazing people and friends:
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Profile picture by Invisiblepredator.

Dark judges costumes made by:

Photos by Constantine:…

Off topic: Comment, dont fave my works, thanks.

My redbubble account where you can buy some of my art:…

Do you believe in god? Do you believe in money? Do you believe in happiness?
I believe in DEATH!!!!!!!!

My curse is the never ending pain I have to carry and my past which no one will ever be able to understand or live with or can help me from.
Nothing will ever be normal for me but I´ve learned to live with it and made me strong and independent.
Lets say I´ve had a dark and sad and hard past, it teached me to not have feelings and emotions.
I hate humanity and love, have only one wish: To become Judge Death and judge humanity to death!
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  • Listening to: Lordi we´re not bad for the kids (we´re
  • Watching: Dark city
  • Playing: Panzer elite
  • Eating: candy
  • Drinking: sofr drink
Hi everyone and I would like to say: please read this and if you can help I appreciate your feedback and suggestions!

Okay lets started:
1: I have set up a redbubble account as a experiment to see how that site is like and also a way of measuring my hobby art if someone there would like it or not and maybe meet new friends, but most of all try it out and see if even someone would order something from my gallery there which would even surprise myself and be impressed.
But so far I have managed to get one comment and one favourite marking, a few hundred views but no sales or much comments :/
I wonder if I should then focus on trying to get my account more well known and shown on the web to others to attract the right audience which might like my art? Or what am I doing wrong here? Or could it be my hobby art is just good for novice artists and to the average people crap? :P
Here I would like to hear your ideas and how I could improve my account there and maybe get more comments and get my account shown to others, what suggestions do you have? :)
Feel free to link or show my account to others on facebook, google plus etc:…

All ideas/feedback/suggestions etc are welcomed!
And no do not buy a poster or something just to be kind although I would be very VERY surprised to see that happening :XD:

So far I learned several things from it and will take it to where I can but if my account stop to develop or not sell any drawing there I will delete the account, DEviantart is my nr 1 art-site and is so far a better experience :)

2: Lately I have seen on DA and on some sites that people, artists generally seem to dislike fanart and despise artists who do fanart.
Let alone: Artists who use references for their drawings or try to replicate the reference by looking at it, if you are good enough of using references and make the drawing look like it then you apparently get called: tracing copycat or: you arent doing art you are tracing, stealing, copying and what not :XD:
Am I alone on seeing that now these days?
My question is: Is it wrong by people to use references and draw drawings based on those or try to draw a version of it as close as possible to the original? Lots of real famous artists looks on the subject they are drawing and heck even uses lighttables or rulers together with references to get the drawing they want.
What is your opinion about it? Do you use references or draw completly from your head without looking at a photo or a movie to know how the xeno/terminator etc should look like?
Is it wrong to use references or try to replicate them with a pencil/colour pencils etc? Is it even art?

According to me it dont matter how you do an drawing, only the end results counts, for all that it matters to me: you can use lighttables, computers, programs, tools to get your drawing as you want it or draw something so exact that it almost is identical to the original and I´m fine with that and is amazed by such people/artists who can do it so perfectly, shading and details and shadows cant be created by lighttables for example so it still takes skills and time to do a drawing in that style. I draw the line when you just download a picture and then upload it and say its yours or if you scan a drawing/picture and upload it :P That I could call stealing/copying etc.
But then again lots of artists I know takes a airplane photo and then render it digitally and minor changes and upload it and call it art and their own, so then using references shouldnt be critiqued in my eyes.

Would love to hear what you people think about this? :)


Me bf-109 E4 by warrior1944
Me bf-109 E4
Here is my latest drawing I made yesterday: Bf 109 E4 during the battle of britain.
As some know my fave version of the 109 is the E4 and after that its G10 but enough of that.

Here it is easier to see the improvment on the clouds I wrote about in my previous upload.

This Me 109 has the classic smalldragon logo and is somewhere above Dover and just got out from an engagement with a Spitfire. Can add finding a reference of a burning spitfire was harder than I thought.

The me 109 and Spitfire I used photos as reference and not much from my mind so its not my designs on the airplanes, although the markings and logos are fiction.

IF one want to buy a copy of it or see it:…
P-51 watch your six o clock! by warrior1944
P-51 watch your six o clock!
Here is a drawing which started as an experiment due to the reference photo was of poor quality and tiny not did I think I would manage to finish it last night but it went better than I thought and made some liberites with the details and more freehand work on this one.

P-51D which are chased by a Me 262 jet fighter.

I also found a new way to draw and do the clouds slightly better than before so that was worth the time spent on this one, although the progress with the clouds isnt so visible here it will be in the next drawing: me 109 which I will upload shortly. :)

Edit: You can now buy/see it here too:…
Typhoon in the sunset by warrior1944
Typhoon in the sunset
I decided to do some training with my color pencils so decided to do something with them and a background of some sort and saw a good typhoon flying in the sunset photo so decided to do a version of it.
Didnt focus so much on details on this one due to coloring is my goal here.

Can say I prefer black and white and using color pencils were as tricky as I remember it xD

Edit: You can seen it/get it here too:…

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