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We´ve come to judge you sinner!
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Judge Death
Heeeellooo ssssinnerssss and weeeelcomeeee to my pageeee!

I hope you are ready for your verdict and punishment for your sinssss and crime of life.
Dont fear, I will cure you from the sin and sickness of your life and soul. No more feelings like sadness or love or other silly feelings, no more lawbreaking, perfect death!
All living beings have worms in their heads, I will cure you from them, its because I want to help you all.

My mission wont end until all living is sentenced and cured from life, dont resist dear mortalsssss!
As well as making the Dark judges well known and do my project to bring them back to life and one day see them in a movie and magazines, we pre-dates the cenobites, we are the ultimate force.
As well as making art and stories and projects, plus model making, create stuff and make dreams come true is my music, as well as a Dark judge fan.

I dont have a heart since a long time ago and I dont miss it, can be devilishly good anyway and I´m sure you girls and boys have broken someones heart or am I wrong? I´m here to free you from your broken hearts, just let me rip it right out from your chest as I smile from joy!

Love, what is that?! It´s just a sick and warped illusion that weak minded people believes in!

You will learn that you cant trust anyone else than yourself in life, else you will find yourself disappointed.
One you can trust is death!

Living the ultimate dark life.

I will be your judge, soon your life and soul will be judged and cured.
The true grim reaper of humanity, your turn to die!

Contact wayssssss on your own rissssk:

Amazing people and friends:
:iconniteowl94: :iconbaryonyx62: :iconzededd: :iconkuznyadragonofbaa: :iconqueen-koopa: :iconchristoman: :iconkanyiko: :icondrakhand006: :iconenc86: :iconmmsmith1777:

Profile picture by Invisiblepredator.

Dark judges costumes made by:

Photos by Constantine:…

Off topic: Comment, dont fave my works, thanks.

Do you believe in god? Do you believe in money? Do you believe in happiness?
I believe in DEATH!!!!!!!!

My curse is the never ending pain I have to carry and my past which no one will ever be able to understand or live with or can help me from.
Nothing will ever be normal for me but I´ve learned to live with it and made me strong and independent.
Lets say I´ve had a dark and sad and hard past, it teached me to not have feelings and emotions.
I hate humanity and love, have only one wish: To become Judge Death and judge humanity to death!
  • Mood: Sadness
  • Listening to: Raven - Die letzte Schlacht
  • Reading: Astronomy stuff
  • Watching: WW 1 documentary
Well I just made my last normal day at my job, I were there from it opened til we closed the support to our customers, around 11 hours xD
Took farewell to my work friends and bosses who all could tell they were sad to see me go and wont work there anymore.
Tomorrow this coming saturday is my last day there, 5 hours work pass. After that Iam unemployed, hopefully not for too long.
I ended the day with working overtime, and not like others who quiet in advance.
I just needed 8 days to get the highest bonus on my payment which for the most people would take a month to do :P I leave with doing a perfect job and record results.
So going out in style, like a boss you could say :XD:

My life values and ideals once again show true and my hard work, I would never dream of leaving my job before my last day and is honest about it and loyal to it as I´m to people I like and if I make a promise I keep it.

I decided that I will live as a single and not get engaged with a woman, my experience shows that such things dont work not for someone like me who isnt like others and is too honest and lives by old life ideals which todays people forgotten, I doubt even someone else than a few lives in this style?
I have never meet any woman who behaves like me or share my ideals and values I have in life: Honesty, loyalty, honour, bravery, dare to be yourself, none drinker, none smoker, knows how to behave etc. So yes more freedom for me and no slavery :D
I so rarely get a crush nor am I handsome and woman here is barbie dolls who behaves like princesses, and lies all the time, if I ask one out I get a no and then get shit for not trying again or understand cryptic messages -.- IF you like me then say it for bloody sake and stop with the cryptic messages and use clear communications: Is something wrong, then say it and dont be: Meh its nothing I´m fine, wrong! Say: I´m down and have something troubling me. Was that so hard? :XD:
Meh No way I live in such hell again so single life for the win :D I´m a lonewolf and single for over 5 years and its wonderful :D
No risk of that changing, no woman have ever asked me out nor shown interest even if I do ask her out first so I´m impossible to date :P

I doubt anyone could live with me with my beliefs and values in life and military and history interest as well as gaming and everything and reenacting and being a Judge Death fan to the extreme. :iconkuznyadragonofbaa: Is one of the few who knows my beliefs and how I´m and even respects it, thanks for that and you are awesome :)

Other news:
I leave for UK on 22 of September and will have with me my awesome laptop :D Will be there for a months time and hang out with friends and studies and geology group meetings and practice work etc and my own flat, gonna be fun :)

In the end of October I will be cosplaying as Judge death with someone else dressing as Judge Mortis :P

In November I will move to southern Sweden which is easier to get jobs at and uni and college schools exist there too :D Hopefully I have a work there very soon :)

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Fantastic choice for webcam~
Queen-Koopa Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
love your wedcam dude, how are you? I just want to tell you that I been trying to draw your xeno oc as Judge, both of them and it look good so far, :D some of them fail a bit but I get there
warrior1944 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2014
Thanks for liking it :)
I´m fine but I find I havent enough hours on each day, just finished commenting on all things on DA and its already 1400 soon O_o I still have studies to do and other things to do and then the whole day is gone :(
Do you mean you are drawing them both separately or making them into a mix creature? O_o I hope you draw each one of them, but will be fun to see the end results :D
Hecci666 Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Your stuff looks awesome!
warrior1944 Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2014
Thank you but myself dont think so xD Hope you find stuff you like :)
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Thanks for the :+devwatch:! :w00t:
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FFFFFFFFFFF dude, I almost forgot about adding you!! :o its me Eire41 lol
warrior1944 Featured By Owner Jul 8, 2014
Yes I remember :) But now you found me :)
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