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We´ve come to judge you sinner!
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Judge Death
Heeeellooo ssssinnerssss and weeeelcomeeee to my pageeee!

I hope you are ready for your verdict and punishment for your sinssss and crime of life.
Dont fear, I will cure you from the sin and sickness of your life and soul. No more feelings like sadness or love or other silly feelings, no more lawbreaking, perfect death!
All living beings have worms in their heads, I will cure you from them, its because I want to help you all.

My mission wont end until all living is sentenced and cured from life, dont resist dear mortalsssss!
As well as making the Dark judges well known and do my project to bring them back to life and one day see them in a movie and magazines, we pre-dates the cenobites, we are the ultimate force.
As well as making art and stories and projects, plus model making, create stuff and make dreams come true is my music, as well as a Dark judge fan.

I dont have a heart since a long time ago and I dont miss it, can be devilishly good anyway and I´m sure you girls and boys have broken someones heart or am I wrong? I´m here to free you from your broken hearts, just let me rip it right out from your chest as I smile from joy!

Love, what is that?! It´s just a sick and warped illusion that weak minded people believes in!

You will learn that you cant trust anyone else than yourself in life, else you will find yourself disappointed.
One you can trust is death!

Living the ultimate dark life.

I will be your judge, soon your life and soul will be judged and cured.
The true grim reaper of humanity, your turn to die!

Contact wayssssss on your own rissssk:

Amazing people and friends:
:iconniteowl94: :iconbaryonyx62: :iconzededd: :iconkuznyadragonofbaa: :iconqueen-koopa: :iconchristoman: :iconkanyiko: :icondrakhand006: :iconenc86: :iconmmsmith1777:

Profile picture by Invisiblepredator.

Dark judges costumes made by:

Photos by Constantine:…

Off topic: Comment, dont fave my works, thanks.

My redbubble account where you can buy some of my art:…

Do you believe in god? Do you believe in money? Do you believe in happiness?
I believe in DEATH!!!!!!!!

My curse is the never ending pain I have to carry and my past which no one will ever be able to understand or live with or can help me from.
Nothing will ever be normal for me but I´ve learned to live with it and made me strong and independent.
Lets say I´ve had a dark and sad and hard past, it teached me to not have feelings and emotions.
I hate humanity and love, have only one wish: To become Judge Death and judge humanity to death!
  • Mood: Optimism
  • Listening to: Asse der luft
  • Reading: bf 109 vs spitfire
  • Watching: retrospective reviews on youtube
  • Drinking: soft drink
Well time I do a proper journal with information about my commission offer:
I am now offering anyone to hire me to make models of any type in 1/72 scale or 1/48 scale which I´m used to but larger or smaller ones I do too, but bigger models and more advanced ones will take more time to make and more expensive and also note: I have a job and things I want to do on my free time so be warned it could take time for me to make the commission.

What I do best is tanks and airplanes, but can do any kind of model really, been building them since I were 6 years old.

Okay over to prices and some examples:
Well you decide what I build and how you want it: If you just want a model built but not painted: I do it and for less money since then I dont need to buy paints for it nor the time for that, but if you want them painted no problem or modified or a custom paint work.
Let me know what you want and I will tell if it is possible or not.
Also: If you buy the modelkit and send it to me I will only charge for the time I had to put down into making the model, if I have to order the kit and paints etc I will charge for those.

Examples of models and price I would charge for building a model just like them(then only the time, not the price for the kit and materials):
FW 190:
Focke wulf 190 A-8 Airfix by warrior1944
Price examples(then no material costs):
A model like this: Washed, slightly weathered, painted into detail and all decals: ca 20 euros
A model like this but no wash or weathering, but painted: ca 18 Euros
Like this one but no paintjob: ca 10 Euros
But the price is negotiable so if you want a model but want a different price: Let me know and we´ll see.

King Tiger:
Italeri King Tiger 1/72 by warrior1944
Price examples(then no material costs):
A model like this: Washed, slightly weathered, painted into detail and all decals: ca 20 euros
A model like this but no wash or weathering, but painted: ca 18 Euros
Like this one but no paintjob: ca 10 Euros
But the price is negotiable so if you want a model but want a different price: Let me know and we´ll see.

SD.KFZ 7/1
Sd.Kfz 7/1 by warrior1944
Price examples(then no material costs):
A model like this: Washed, slightly weathered, painted into detail and all decals: ca 20 euros
A model like this but no wash or weathering, but painted: ca 18 Euros
Like this one but no paintjob: ca 10 Euros
But the price is negotiable so if you want a model but want a different price: Let me know and we´ll see.

The prices are slightly higher than some others due to I have very limited free time from my normal job and if you want a good model then I can assure you mine are since I go even go beyond the manuals and do extra things and use a lot of historic books and references to get them right and all that job takes time.

Also I do drawings which I will send the original back to you by mail, here are some examples:
Sweet death by warrior1944Me bf-109 E4 by warrior1944B-17 G by warrior1944B-24 last version by warrior1944

Since a drawing takes far less time normally than a model they are cheaper so to speak and I´m open for offers, so far not decided a price on those, but if you want me to draw something let me know and we can discuss what you want and the price and also what kind of references there is for it, I´m technical artist and uses references to get them right, I´m not as good with drawing freehand and from nothing xD

Here is a good recommendation from me of a person who do just as good models but also a lot of other things so go and check him out:
And here is a link to his commission journal:
Commissions are open!What I can do for you:
Build things from scratch
-leaf trees
Example price: 3€
-palm trees
Example price palm tree: 4€  Fern: 2€
-terrain bases like hills
Example price: 5€
-modular trench system
Example price for one tile: 5€
-working flagpoles with interchangeable flags
Example price: 4€
-explosion markers
Example price: 2€
-various smaller buildings such as watchtowers and shacks
Example price: 5€
-simple buildings with removable tops
Example price: 6€
-destroyed buildings from plastic kit sprues
Example price: 12€
-destructable walls and buildings
Destructable Model Terrain: Brick wall by Baryonyx62 Example price: 8€
1:125 Spaceshuttle by Baryonyx62 Example


Messerschmitt bf 109 G-6 by warrior1944
Messerschmitt bf 109 G-6
Here is my me bf 109 G-6 1/72 model from Airfix finished at long last!

This one isnt historically accurate due to had to improvise with the markings due to some reasons I will tell more about soon. But its close to what it would be and the shark decals etc did exist on a few German planes so its a semi accurate model where I took some liberties.

The G-6 version is the most produced version of the classic European fighter: Bf 109 which were in use by many countries in ww2, production started in 1943 and ended with the ww2 ended. It was designed to be easy to produce and easy to adapt to several scenarios and missions hence it could be equiped with radar, rockets, several different guns and cannons to name a few. Although that is great it had some serious disadvantages and in my opinion it is the worst version of the bf 109 together with the G-14 version, why?
1: Look on the nose and you see it has two humps which creates drag and slows it down and also affects the pilots visibility from the cockpit, those humps are there due to they designed the nose badly and had a large and heavy engine so the ammo belt for the machine guns didnt fit properly so they enlarged it, creating those humps, ammo humps as one should call them.
2: Due to the humps and the heavy engine and heavier and heavier armor and heavy guns its acceleration and climbing characteristics dropped and became a bad dogfighter when it was engaging allied planes on high altitudes, it was handicapped in comparison to the fighters the allieds had and hence it got shot down in large numbers.
3: Those disadvantages were on earlier G versions too but the G-6 and G-14 versions were the worst but still it was this plane most bombers would face above the skies of europe.

It wasnt until the G-10 version came they once again had a deadly BF 109 which could fight it out with even the Mustangs, in 1944.

About the kit:
Its airfix first modern model and can say it is easy to see: Lots of details and nice panel lines and historically accurate details and easy to build, no flash and perfect manuals etc, they are cheap and gives a good model. But since this is the first model of their new line it has one weakness:
It barely has a cockpit! Just a pilot and the chair for him, no details on the inside or instrument panel, what the? One expect them to have that by 2013 when this model came but Airfix learned that soon after and all kits afterwards have better interiors.

I have nothing bad to say about the fitting or building proces of it, its easy and good to build, very good start kit for a beginner I reckon.
The bad things I found with this kit besides the cockpit:
- It lacks the small wing antennas on each wing on the underside so if you have 2 spare ones over: use them to make this kit complete, in my opinion this kit should have them in it.
- Seems this kit is aimed at beginners since it has just a few decals, no decals for the airintakes, numbers on the rudder, where the pilot could walk on the wing were missing, and a lot of others. It just have the main decals for 3 versions. IT really should have more decals with it when it has a such badass shark mouth decal which more pro model makers want to use. Luckily I have a lot of spare decals so a lot of those you see on the model are the spare ones.
But besides that the decals are of a good quality.
- The nose humps arent two, when you open the kit airfix sculptor have done it to just one huge bump! What the? So if you want it to look like it should and even the box art shows it has two humps/bumps, you have to use a sandpaper or something and sand it down or sculpt it so it is two humps instead, easily to damage the model permanently when doing it so be careful. As you see on the photos I´ve managed to make two humps there.
- The gun gondolas under the wings didnt fit 100% so be ready to sculpt and fix them so they fit.

Besides that I like the model, mostly because it looks badass with the shark mouth and eyes, really making it to look like a dangerous shark hunting bombers :P Good details on the airplane and easy to build but it needs some extra work to look fully like it should.

On the last picture you can see my whole luftwaffe at the moment :)
Me bf 109-G6 WIP by warrior1944
Me bf 109-G6 WIP
Here is my latest project: Airfix bf 109 G-6 in 1/72 scale, an okay kit but I would say more for beginners due to it lacks a lot of interior details and lacks a lot of decals and details. Hence I put on my own decals on it from other airplane kits and added details. It would had been finished now if it werent for one of the decals started to disolve due to the thinner I use to remove the black wash -.- So when I have another decal sheet I will finish it.

I chose the shark mouth design for it.
Panther G 1/72 Revell by warrior1944
Panther G 1/72 Revell
Here is my Panther early G from revell in 1/72 scale with a wash added to it and some small updates.

One of my fave models ever although they changed the boxart for it now, prefered the old one 12 years ago.
My fave tank of WW2 as well.

Built it some years ago so a short review:
- Has good details and looks good and the tracks are easy to make.
- Good manual and options of how to paint it and options.
- Can make it to an late version or early version of the G version.

Bad things:
- The hull is tricky to get right, it barely want to fit together with the lower hull so here I recommend using strong glue and use a lot of pressure to get them together.
- Some of the panel lines are shallow and hard to make them stand out even with a wash.
- The decals arent perfect but when using decal soft they stick okay to the model.

I also noticed the decals and the wash dont get too well together and some of you pro builders might notice it affected some decals, oh well learned the wash can damage decals if not used very carefully. Could fix it if I want to or rather want to spend money xD But still looks good :)

Improved the paint job slightly too.
Jagdtiger last update by warrior1944
Jagdtiger last update
Here is my Jagdtiger from Trumpeter in 1/72 scale.

As some of you can remember: I have never been satisfied with this model due to the paint job and how the shallow panel lines and details got covered by the paint but now after I repainted it slightly and put on a wash on it, making some panel lines to come back it looks way better and fits in with my army at long last.
Now it looks like a Jagdtiger and like the real thing, details looks better and okay not perfect camo and paint job but it is passable.

First picture is of how it looked like when I built it and the rest are of how it looks like now :)

Short review of the kit:
-It is very easy to build and all parts fit well, never had any issues with it, no flash either.
Trumpeter usually do good kits and easy to build for beginners and still looks good.
- Good decals and good manuals as well.

The bad:
- Very few parts and some of the tools and parts are sculpted directly on the hull, making it harder to paint them or to adapt the kit.
- It has no skirts in the kit.
- The gun can only be built one way, not possible to move it or pose it differently.

Alright now I´m at long last happy with this kit :)

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