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We´ve come to judge you sinner!
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Judge Death
Heeeellooo ssssinnerssss and weeeelcomeeee to my pageeee!

I hope you are ready for your verdict and punishment for your sinssss and crime of life.
Dont fear, I will cure you from the sin and sickness of your life and soul. No more feelings like sadness or love or other silly feelings, no more lawbreaking, perfect death!
All living beings have worms in their heads, I will cure you from them, its because I want to help you all.

My mission wont end until all living is sentenced and cured from life, dont resist dear mortalsssss!
As well as making the Dark judges well known and do my project to bring them back to life and one day see them in a movie and magazines, we pre-dates the cenobites, we are the ultimate force.
As well as making art and stories and projects, plus model making, create stuff and make dreams come true is my music, as well as a Dark judge fan.

I dont have a heart since a long time ago and I dont miss it, can be devilishly good anyway and I´m sure you girls and boys have broken someones heart or am I wrong? I´m here to free you from your broken hearts, just let me rip it right out from your chest as I smile from joy!

Love, what is that?! It´s just a sick and warped illusion that weak minded people believes in!

You will learn that you cant trust anyone else than yourself in life, else you will find yourself disappointed.
One you can trust is death!

Living the ultimate dark life.

I will be your judge, soon your life and soul will be judged and cured.
The true grim reaper of humanity, your turn to die!

Contact wayssssss on your own rissssk:

Amazing people and friends:
:iconniteowl94: :iconbaryonyx62: :iconzededd: :icondreamer-in-shadows: :iconqueen-koopa: :iconchristoman: :iconkanyiko: :icondrakhand006: :iconenc86: :iconmmsmith1777: :iconredtrackz: :iconescaron:

Profile picture by Invisiblepredator.

Dark judges costumes made by:

Photos by Constantine:…

Off topic: Comment, dont fave my works, thanks.

My redbubble account where you can buy some of my art:…

Do you believe in god? Do you believe in money? Do you believe in happiness?
I believe in DEATH!!!!!!!!
  • Listening to: Asse der luft
  • Reading: bf 109 vs spitfire
  • Watching: retrospective reviews on youtube
  • Drinking: soft drink
Well time I do a proper journal with information about my commission offer:
I am now offering anyone to hire me to make models of any type in 1/72 scale or 1/48 scale which I´m used to but larger or smaller ones I do too, but bigger models and more advanced ones will take more time to make and more expensive and also note: I have a job and things I want to do on my free time so be warned it could take time for me to make the commission.

What I do best is tanks and airplanes, but can do any kind of model really, been building them since I were 6 years old.

Okay over to prices and some examples:
Well you decide what I build and how you want it: If you just want a model built but not painted: I do it and for less money since then I dont need to buy paints for it nor the time for that, but if you want them painted no problem or modified or a custom paint work.
Let me know what you want and I will tell if it is possible or not.
Also: If you buy the modelkit and send it to me I will only charge for the time I had to put down into making the model, if I have to order the kit and paints etc I will charge for those.

Examples of models and price I would charge for building a model just like them(then only the time, not the price for the kit and materials):
FW 190:
Focke wulf 190 A-8 Airfix by warrior1944
Price examples(then no material costs):
A model like this: Washed, slightly weathered, painted into detail and all decals: ca 20 euros
A model like this but no wash or weathering, but painted: ca 18 Euros
Like this one but no paintjob: ca 10 Euros
But the price is negotiable so if you want a model but want a different price: Let me know and we´ll see.

King Tiger:
Italeri King Tiger 1/72 by warrior1944
Price examples(then no material costs):
A model like this: Washed, slightly weathered, painted into detail and all decals: ca 20 euros
A model like this but no wash or weathering, but painted: ca 18 Euros
Like this one but no paintjob: ca 10 Euros
But the price is negotiable so if you want a model but want a different price: Let me know and we´ll see.

SD.KFZ 7/1
Sd.Kfz 7/1 by warrior1944
Price examples(then no material costs):
A model like this: Washed, slightly weathered, painted into detail and all decals: ca 20 euros
A model like this but no wash or weathering, but painted: ca 18 Euros
Like this one but no paintjob: ca 10 Euros
But the price is negotiable so if you want a model but want a different price: Let me know and we´ll see.

The prices are slightly higher than some others due to I have very limited free time from my normal job and if you want a good model then I can assure you mine are since I go even go beyond the manuals and do extra things and use a lot of historic books and references to get them right and all that job takes time.

Also I do drawings which I will send the original back to you by mail, here are some examples:
Sweet death by warrior1944Me bf-109 E4 by warrior1944B-17 G by warrior1944B-24 last version by warrior1944

Since a drawing takes far less time normally than a model they are cheaper so to speak and I´m open for offers, so far not decided a price on those, but if you want me to draw something let me know and we can discuss what you want and the price and also what kind of references there is for it, I´m technical artist and uses references to get them right, I´m not as good with drawing freehand and from nothing xD

Here is a good recommendation from me of a person who do just as good models but also a lot of other things so go and check him out:
And here is a link to his commission journal:
Commissions are open!What I can do for you:
Build things from scratch
-leaf trees
Example price: 6€
-palm trees
Example price palm tree: 7€  Fern: 3€
-terrain bases like hills
Example price: 6€
-modular trench system
Example price for one tile:7€
-working flagpoles with interchangeable flags
Example price: 4€
-explosion markers
Example price: 4€
-various smaller buildings such as watchtowers and shacks
Example price: 7€
-simple buildings with removable tops
Example price: 7€
-destroyed buildings from plastic kit sprues
Example price: 14€
-destructable walls and buildings
Destructable Model Terrain: Brick wall by Baryonyx62 Example price: 10€
1:125 Spaceshuttle by Baryonyx62 Example


Gaming clan Panzer division Todesrichter
My logo for the gaming clan I´ve created where we play all kinds of ww2 games but msotly World of tanks and Warthunder and Heroes and generals.
Anyone here who are interested can join us, and if so just send me a message about it :)

The gaming clans story:

Brief history of the division:

Created back in 1936 in the town of Munster it mainly had Panzer I´s and was rather a small unit.

By 1939 it was a fully manned panzer division consisting of panzer grenadiers and panzers of all sorts, one of the first to mainly have Panzer III as the workhorse of the unit rather than Panzer II as most other divisions had.

The division took part in the attack on Poland on 1 of September 1939 under the lead of Heinz von Guderian, our superior training and tactics made short work of the enemy and we achieved victory and Poland was soon overrun as Russians conquered the eastern regions of the country.

During the winter of 1940 we trained hard for the upcoming battles with the respected British troops and to see the arch enemy France beaten after WW1. New tanks and weapons arrived to the division which we would put to good use later on.

We didn't take part in the invasion of Norway or Denmark but were placed in the Ardennes instead under strict secrecy.

On 10 of May 1940 we attacked France through this forested area and surprised the enemy by attacking where no one thought panzers could travel, under the lead of Guderian once again we rolled through France and this time outclassed the French and gave the British a burn, only halting when we reached the channel and orders came to stop the advance in fear of counterattacks but we suspect the high command wanted the British to escape from Dunkirk and since we are loyal, and our division leader Judge_von_death is loyal to the core, we saw the British leave.

Once the advance recommenced we soon defeated the rest of the French armies and soon we had won the battle.

During the summer we were positioned near the channel in the wait for the invasion of England but since the battle of Britain wasn't a success for Luftwaffe we were ordered back to Munster for further training and learning from the battles we had faced and use our experience to become even stronger.

We never went to North Africa so for the Todesrichter division it was a calm time and it was not until the spring of 1941 when things started to heat up again.

In March 1941 we were positioned near the Russian front in Romania but we were ordered to attack Greece after the British had landed there and the Greek army had defeated the Italians; it was a short battle and we quickly arose victorious! Once the battle was done we were moved back to near the Russian border.

June 1941 we attacked the Soviet union and we followed army group centre under the command of Guderian once again and we were advancing at high speed and captured millions of Russians during the year but with Operation Typhoon we managed to get near Moscow and some of our spearheads managed to get to the suburbs but that was the limit for us that year; we focused on defending for the rest of the year and winter of 1942.

In 1942 we were mostly on the defensive and didn't take part in Case Blue and the attack on the Caucasus or Stalingrad but a lot of Russian attacks on army group centre was stopped with our help.

In 1943 we were relocated to Kharkov and took part of the German counterattack to recapture Kharkov and land areas that was lost during the winter of 1943.

Once the summer arrived we took part of Operation Zitadelle or “battle of Kursk” as it was called. We attacked under the command of von Hoth and came a long way until the operation was cancelled by the fuhrer and so we turned to the defensive, we had lost some tanks during this operation but were still operational and retreated in good order.

After the winter of 1944 the division needed a break, so we were relocated to France which was like a vacation to many of our veterans in the division… but maybe it was bad luck: When we had reached full strength the allies attacked in Normandy so we were ordered there and fought the Americans mainly in severe defence battles. During the D-day our tanks were one of the few that managed to get to the beaches but fierce fire from the battleships forced us to pull back.

In august of 1944 we were moved away from the Normandy front and back to the eastern front as Operation Bagration had caused heavy losses to army group centre and we were pressed into desperate defence battles directly after arriving with train, and here we got severe losses as the Russians were more powerful than ever by now.

We managed to avoid crushing defeat by the Russian armies but army group centre was completely lost, and before the end of the year we were moved back to the western front and took part in the Rundstedt offensive, under the command of von Rundstedt we attacked the American front in December 1944, our King Tigers and heavy tanks cut through the front and advanced swiftly but lack of fuel and resistance of the Americans and allied air power stopped us and by January 1945 we had to give up and retreat.

From then on it was back to the eastern front and desperate defence battles, but we had one last offensive charge: Operation Spring-Wind. However as the Waffen SS divisions pulled back and surrendered we had no other choice than to retreat as well and we turned back to the western front where we fought the Americans and British until the surrender and Todesrichter surrendered near Munster to the allies.




Our logo: We judge who lives or dies!




Structure of the division:


Divisions commander:

Field marshall Judge_von_death


Sub commander:

General Bary


Staff commander:











About the clan:

We are people who play for fun mainly and when we get time from work/studies or adult life to play. We also play a lot of different games.

We are mainly a German oriented group, military and history interested and encourage our members to learn more about WW2 and history.

At the moment the group is active in the following games:

World of tanks


Heroes and generals

We might branch out into other ww2 games as well if there is a need for it.


We mostly play the German side so don't expect us to play with allied weapons very often; we are after all a German oriented group.

Some of us are even into re-enacting and teaching WW2 history to name a few things we do besides gaming.

So if you are looking for a group who are mature and don’t demand being super active or a pro gamer but are loyal, military and WW2 interested then we might be the group you are looking for!


We aim to become better as players and in the future do special events and maybe even play with historically correct tanks/weapons.


We will also have contests and events where one can win gold/premium money in games, maybe even role play/write fictional stories.


When we play in the group we try to use Skype since it’s the fastest way of cooperating, working together and can be a lot of fun, but if you dislike it its fully alright to use text-chat.






If you wish to enlist to the Todesrichter division:

Remember that we are a German themed group who usually play with German weapons and side during the war. It helps to have an interest for it and be at least 18 years old.

Else then send a private message to judge_von_death with answers to the following questions:


1: Why do you want to join the panzer division Todesrichter?


2: Have you studied German weapons or history/WW2 or are you interested in it?


3: Do you play in the games on the German side and weapons or only with allied weapons?


4: Tell us a bit about yourself and what you are looking for in this group. Play for fun or make the group grow, age and interests etc?


5: How often do you play the games mentioned above?


6: Any questions you have before joining?





As member you get the following features:

- You can vote on games and decisions

- Give suggestions on how the group to evolve

- Bonuses like gold and contests with prizes

- You can play when it fits you, no demand to play x number of games every day

- Help in beating missions or playing the games/unlocking tanks and with any questions about history

- create your own fictional characters and stories etc.


All members will have to use the following emblems:

In world of tanks the panzer division Todesrichter emblem

In Warthunder the emblem of 2 panzer division/until we can use the Todesrichter emblem there too.

Preferable using the German cross on the tanks as well.



-You have to play mostly with German tanks/weapons etc

-Being honest and loyal

-over 18 years of age

-German interested/or good knowledge

-Treason or lying will get you banned from the group.





Thanks for reading and see you out on the battlefields!


Signed: judge_von_death

Logo is from Baryonyx62 and this one you see is edited by Q33N



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